Thursday, November 20, 2014

Review: RollBags

     Chances are, if you own an older or smaller motorcycle, your large volume luggage options are limited. These bikes aren't designed to tour even though they are perfectly capable machines, and that means that the luggage bags you do bring with you can only really be jerry rigged to your bike. You can't get those big suitcases like the ones that mount to the back of a sissy bar on a Harley. If you do need high volume luggage space, the best option is a rollbag.

     Oxford makes a fantastic rollbags available in multiple sizes. For a smaller or classic bike, the Aqua30 and Aqua50 bags are the way to go. They are extremely durable, and don't rip as you try to cram all your belongings inside. They are also waterproof, and protected my laptop and clothes against days of heavy rain without a single drop of water entering the bag. They can be mounted on your bike however you want with no additional accessories. The four included straps work well to hold the rollbag in place, although it is a good idea to check the tightness every time you stop.

Oxford Roll up jerry rigged to my bike

     When it comes to choosing between the 30 or 50 gallon bag, I would strongly recommend going with the larger Aqua50. The only difference in size between the two is the circumference of the bag, not the width. Since they are soft luggage, the compression straps on the outside of the bags will remove any unused space. In this respect, you might as well have the extra 20 gallons of space just in case you need it. The $15 difference in price is well worth it. Besides, you may need room for souvenirs!

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